Arriba Capital "Arriba" is a fully-integrated, commercial real estate finance and investment company. We provide asset management, investment banking, capital markets services and advisory solutions. Our seasoned professionals – many of whom have more than 10 years of experience, have worked with hundreds of developers and investors by offering insight and analysis for structuring projects, repositioning assets, negotiating payoffs and providing guidance to enable our sponsors to achieve successful results in these rigorous markets. Our track record of completed transactions speaks volumes in our ability to execute and deliver competitive and innovative realty capital.

Arriba's Asset Management Team manages real estate as a true investment, using an unbiased, objective approach. Our goal is to optimize potential while addressing risk. We treat real estate as an integrated component of a total portfolio and evaluate the holding in terms of growth and income.

• Financing options, opportunities and benefits
• Strategies for growth, income and overall return
• Coordination of legal, accounting and tax professionals
• Recommendations on sales, acquisitions and improvements
• Risk management and insurance
• Obtaining periodic valuations

Arriba also helps real estate owners manage the physical and/or administrative aspects of ownership through its affiliate, Calavar Management, by providing and coordinating the services and resources typically needed to handle day-to-day operations:

• Assistance with lease negotiations and tenant relations
• Rent collection and record keeping
• Automating accounts receivable/accounts payable systems
• Management in accordance with codes, zoning and ordinances
• Management of maintenance, repairs and renovations
• Management of budgets and debt service


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